CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers

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Product Specification
CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers:

Co2 is a liquefied gas, which is highly effective fighting B and C class of fires. These extinguishers are ideal for areas where contamination and/or clean-up are a concern, such as data processing centers, labs, telecommunication rooms, food storage and processing areas etc.


- Carbon Dioxide, Gases Agent, Colorless, Odorless. Suitable for Class B, C Fire.
- Manganese Steel / Carbon Steel (IS 7285)
- Screwed down /Squeeze Grip Type
- BIS Approved
- Maintenance should be done as per IS 2190:2010


- Rail Yards / Warehouses
- Construction Sites
- Airports
- Electrical Substation
- Meter Room
- DG Room
- Power Sector


- No Electrical Conductivity Back To The Operator
- No Thermal Or Static Shock
- Good Visibility During Discharge

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